The firm of Haridass Ho & Partners was formed in 1985 and now comprises 6 partners, 10 associates and a foreign lawyer.

Haridass Ho & Partners believes in the importance of personalised service and that solicitor-client relationships are vital building blocks in the successful completion of any instructions. The firm aims to provide speedy cost efficient legal advice and solutions to problem. With this in mind, the firm is structured to allow for the formation of project groups to undertake specific matters and instructions in a variety of areas of practice. This system of grouping allows for multi-disciplinary teams of lawyers to render collective expertise to a particular project or matter if there is a need for this approach.

Through the years, the firm has undertaken extensive work in the countries of ASEAN, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Sri Lanka as well as in the United States.

In this role, the firm receives and gives instructions to law firms situated both in the business and financial capitals of the world as well as from the more remote parts of the globe.

Given the globalisation of International business and the need for cross border experience and expertise, the firm has established good working relationships with law firms in both East and West Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. We also receive instructions from Foreign law firms based in Singapore as well as other Singapore law firms.