Arbitration & Mediation

In tandem with Singapore’s emergence as one of the world’s leading centres for arbitration, the firm’s arbitration practice has become a cornerstone of the firm’s identity.

Over the years, the firm’s practitioners have accumulated substantial experience in conducting arbitrations in Singapore and also in other major arbitration hubs worldwide under a wide variety of arbitration rules.

The firm has since developed a well-earned global reputation in arbitration work and is widely recognized as a leading arbitration outfit particularly in shipping, international trade and oil & gas disputes.

Our arbitration capability spans the entire spectrum of the arbitration process; from advisory to the arbitration proper, and ultimately to the enforcement of arbitral awards or the challenges thereof.

Mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution that is fast gaining prominence in the dispute resolution scene in Singapore.

The firm has been involved in mediation for disputes of varying nature and delivers successful and satisfying outcomes for its clients.

Some of the firm’s practitioners also regularly receive appointments as mediators.

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